Had my op April 06, well what can i say its the best thing i've ever done NO regrets!! I travelled on my own but fortunate for me i met a group of wonderful people also from UK & we helped each other. (best to go with someone if your having lipo) otherwise ask if any other english people will around at the same time as you. Cosmetica travel were wonderful especially M... & Sami who do a lot of the running around for you, theres nothing they wont try & help you with. As for the surgeon & the hospital they are superb you are well looked after and the result was amazing!! you wont be disapointed if you follow the surgeon's recommendations. I fell great look great with so much more confidence. Dont hesitate go for it.
    Sandy (UK)
    lipo & mini tummy tuck
    We Arrived in Tunisia 31.5.06, (I took my aunt with me - glad I did!) We were greeted by Sammy at the airport, And from there I was treated like a VIP, He drove past the clinic before he took us to the Khamsa Hotel - WOW! I Met Dr D,,, and Had my op on 1.6.06 - He answered all my questions, he is a very approachable, extremely friendly and funny person, He had a lovely presence about him, not at all like the 2 consultants I met with in this country (I had two consultations in this country and my impression of them was they think they're gods! and one of the consultants was not even registered as a plastic surgeon!) I've had 2 ops in the UK and on both occasions I was very nervous and anxious, but I wasn't in this case, I had no doubts, no fears, second thoughts, what so ever, The nurses were very caring, they even let my aunt stay the night in the clinic with me ( extra charge for this) which she enjoyed being waited on hand and foot !- nothing was too much trouble for all the staff involved. The Anesthetist was a comedian, a great laugh. The day after the op, I seen my new boobs I was gobsmacked, and 12 days later I'm still standing infront of the mirror! They are fantastic, even before I had my 2 children they weren't this good! Post op consultations were good, Painkillers and antibiotics were not a problem for me - Hotel was outstanding the staff from Reception, porters, waiters, pool boy chambermaids were great, They fetch and carry everything for you and nothing is too much trouble. M... is like a big ray of sunshine Please don't hesitate with your questions, however trivial they seem to you. Houssem is a lovely guy, Always ensuring that things are ok with you ( please give Sammy a CD player for the car!) Can't thank Cosmetica enough - my wish came true - Don't have any doubts about this company - go for it - I'll be pleased to answer any questions - Go and do it!
    Nicci (UK)
    Uplift and Implants
    Had my op 1/6/06 & am very pleased with the results! Was a bit nervy as petrified of hospitals & needles but everything was great & i needn't av worried as I didn't feel a thing! Had my implants put in thro the nipple & behind the muscle which is great as no scar! But i do wish i took my own painkillers as theres made me feel worse,but now i'm home the pain is minimal! I went with an ex-partner as haven't been abroad b4 & he thoroughly enjoyed it there to,but there was other english people there 2 talk 2 so i needn't av worried.The hotel was great,def 5* & the food was outstandin! Many thanx 2 Jane & Karma who i contacted from the guestbook,who answered my many questions. The dr was great 2,ad a few jokes over wot little chest i had b4,but hey,not anymore!lol My advice.....go 4 it!! I will b pleased 2 answer any questions
    Sue (uk)
    breast implants
    I originally went for lipsuction and the doctor ended up doing a tummy tuck. To say I was extremely pleased is an understatement. I thought I would be stuck with my shape for the rest of my life. It's only two weeks since the operation but I can already see such a big difference with my shape and I feel a new wardrobe coming on. The doctors, nurses and all the staff were great and as for M... and Sammy, well, they couldn't have done more for you. The hotel was fabulous and the staff were very friendly and helpfull. Nest time I go back though, I'm going for a holiday and to really enjoy myself and to show off my new found figure.
    Isobel Keddie (UK)
    Lips & Tummy Tuck
    after waiting ten years for this iam really pleased i had it done. Everyone was so friendly .hotel was lovely so were the staff.Iam now thinking about going back next year with my daughter for boob enlargement.i would like to say big thankyou to everyone .
    katrina stoggles (england)
    liposuction mini tummy tuck
    I am writing this from the Hotel Khamsa Corinthia lobby. Its May 2006 and I had my surgery 3 days ago. I came out here by myself, and from the minute I was picked up from the airport, everything was taken care of and everyone has been really helpful. This hotel has a mixture of guests and you will not fail to spot another person in exactly the same circumstance as you, so you will not feel alone. The weather is hot, there's a MASSIVE POOL outside, and all I have to do now is relax and read and take it easy. The pain from the implants for me was quite bad on the first night, i couldnt sleep at all, but I can now see the results and I am so happy that I have perfect boobs again. Never again will i look in the mirror and see droppy tits that rightly belonged to a ninety year old lady instead of my 33 year old body! The clinic was very clean, the hotel is impressive and the food is even better. You would not believe your are in tunisia, it feels like I'm in the hollywood hills somewhere! My advice, if you really want it, go for it, beacuse my breasts do not look hideous like some celebrities - and I paid a fraction of the price.
    karma (United Kingdom)
    Breast uplift and implants
    After three children I now love my new shape especially my new belly button. Everything was perfect from the clinic to the five star hotel. While we were out there we met some lovely people. I agree with Jane, you should ask M... to arrange your visit so that it coincides with other English visitors. Thanks to all at Cosmetica, you made us feel very welcome especially M... who was such good fun. I would recommend Cosmetica to anyone considering cosmetic surgery, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you have about the tummy tuck surgery.
    Marlene (England)
    Tummy Tuck
    This is an exceptional team from every point of view. The surgeon is highly skilled, the clinic clean with efficient and friendly staff and Cosmetica are on hand at every moment. Very reassuring. I can't recommend them enough.
    Kate Caldwell Daoud (England)
    Breast lift
    Hallelujah, my experience with cosmetica was one of pure indulgence. First class surgery, accommodation, staff and ambiance. Never ina million years did I think the day would come where I felt so possitive about my future. This is due to the professionalism of the staff at cosmetica, their relaxed trust worthy understanding which was tailered to individual needs, was excellent. The 5* accomodation was matched with 5* food and an all round 5* clendliness- perfect for a little R+R. I felt like a queen nothing was too much trouble. This experience will remain with me for the rest of my life and if you would like an honest opinion about my type of surgery dont hesitate -get in touch. Thanks once again to all the staff at cosmetica Carol
    Carol (England)
    Tummy Tuck
    I have been home a month almost now, and I am thrilled to bits with my new boobs !! for years I have had what i would call big boobs and then 3 kids later and everything goes south you know the usual story then I heard about cosmetica so i checked out this web site and my life suddenly changed i had an answer to my dreams and prayers,this kind of surgery in the UK would of cost me £4500 a week in Tunisia with surgery thrown in cost less than half that . My sister in law Tracy accompanied me on the trip and even she was amazed at how professional cosmetica was. Right from being greeted at the airport by Houssem and Sammy who took us straight to the hotel and checked us in, having my op the very next day after the mammogram meeting my surgeon Dr Djamal and all the staff at the alyssa clinic, to M... for the many reassuring e-mails she sent me and to Dreamy who came to see me in the clinic you are all such wonderful kind helpful people who make our dreams come true (well mine anyway).While we were in Tunisia we went sightseeing Twice !!! it was great , The hotel was fabulous it was almost like a cosmetica community, we met some wonderful people there all having or waiting for surgery. the whole experience from start to finish was amazing, 5 star and first class and i would be more than happy to answer any questions, So big thanks to Houssem and the team for making my dreams a reality
    Caroline Jacobs (england)
    Breast reduction

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