Mesolift : Mesotherapy injections


Mesolift is an aesthetic medicine treatment that aims to tone and firm the skin. It is generally applied to the face then giving a radiant complexion thanks to injections of a mixture of products containing minerals, vitamins ...

Mesolift is a mesotherapy treatment applied to the skin of the face. The doctor makes a series of small injections into the skin (very surface) of a mixture of vitamins, trace elements and often fluid hyaluronic acid. The goal is to stimulate local oxygenation and collagen production.

The mesolift is made to give the skin a less dull appearance, but also to "smooth" it by reducing fine lines. In general, the mesolift firms the skin. The most often treated areas are the face, but also the neck, the cleavage.

Mesolift price

The price of a Mesolift in Tunisia coupled with a week of recovery or vacation in a 5 stars hotel is at least % cheaper than the sole procedure in Europe and for the same medical quality.

These cosmetic sugery prices include :

Medical services:

  • The operation
  • The anaesthetics
  • All operating theatre charges
  • 1 to 2 nights at the clinic
  • The surgeon's and the anaesthetist's fees
  • Pre and post operative consultations
  • Post operation care carried out by a trained nurse at your hotel (if necessary)
  • Medication needed during your stay in Tunisia

Agency services:

  • All transfers (airport, hotel, clinic, ...)
  • 5 to 7 nights at a 5* hotel on a half board basis
  • Wellcome, assistance and organization of your stay
  • Arrangement of all your appointments
  • Reservation of any extra services

These cosmetic surgery prices do not include :

  • Extra personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Flight ticket

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