Dental facets procedure

Dental facets


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The cosmetic technologies and techniques continue to evolve to achieve the best results, in particular, cosmetic dentistry has gain popularity among stars and ordinary people. It is important to know the facts about cosmetic dentistry how it has changed, how it affects people's smile, and how it is perceived by people in general. As we get older, many of our physical characteristics change.

Regardless of the changes, the majority of people feel that a big smile is more important for a first impression than any other feature including hair, clothes, etc.

The person's smile always leaves an impact on people at first sight, so having a lovely smile can help reducing stress, building better relationships and even making others happier.

The dental facet represents a revolution in the dental aesthetic field. It gives a better color to the tint, improves the size of the teeth, corrects their alignment, and hides dental stains. The dentist can recommend dental facets to people with weak teeth or teeth grinding problems. Facets placement is performed on completely healthy teeth without caries or inflammation. In all cases, the patient is called to respect the basic rules of dental hygiene. Indeed, there are two types of dental veneers; composite veneers and porcelain veneers.

Dental facets price

The price of a Dental facets in Tunisia coupled with a week of recovery or vacation in a 5 stars hotel is at least % cheaper than the sole procedure in Europe and for the same medical quality.

Operations Our price UK price Making you save
Dental veneers cost £ 350 £ 700 50 %

Composite Dental Facets

Indeed, the tooth is not eroded, there are no impressions and no intervention of a dental technician is required but the complete procedure is effective in a maximum two or three steps in a dental clinic. After removing the old filling and the worn parts, the dentist puts the tooth in place and then covers it with an aesthetic composite shell. During the treatment, the dentist uses composite material of different shades and colors from the deep layer to the tooth surface.

The result gives a beautiful restoration of the tooth which will look natural.

Besides, composite dental veneers can be put in all circumstances as long as no tooth is removed or only just a little part of the tooth is missing.

Patients opt for a composite dental facet when they are hesitant to wait for the creation of porcelain veneers: since this requires the intervention of a denturist which as a result more time to be finalized.

Porcelain Facets

Porcelain dental veneers are the ideal solution to hide minor flaws, discoloration and minor aesthetic imperfections. They are the most cosmetic dentistry achievement, with a sleek design, an extremely precise preparation by the dentist and an aesthetic work made by a dental technician.

However, the work and energy invested in this intervention are worthwhile because the result is a brilliant smile and beautiful teeth with natural effect. Furthermore, it is important to know that the whole crown does not need to be polished and many teeth in good condition do not need to be removed. This work is only visible on the surface.

Learn more about cosmetic dentistry:

First of all, the patient should be examined by the doctor in order to check their teeth health and condition, and once they agree on the process to follow, the dentist cuts the thickness of the teeth 10% less which is about 0.5 mm from the anterior surface of the tooth. In a second step, a precise dental impression of the patient is taken so that the denturist can perform the porcelain dental facet.

During this time, the patient receives a provisional dental facet to preserve the tooth's aesthetics and avoid any feeling of discomfort. The porcelain veneer is set at the next appointment with the dentist using a very powerful adhesive.

Composite dental facets or porcelain veneers

The composite dental facet method is characterized by its rapidity, indeed, it is performed in a single session, it does not require any denturist intervention, and the result is visible on the spot. Whereas, the porcelain veneer technique is a slower intervention, since the dental facet production takes between 1 to 2 weeks and the denturist intervention is required.

In order to make a choice, these different considerations should be taken into account. The budget and the aesthetic requirements of the patient are not all the same. If they are looking for the most natural and sophisticated solution, they will certainly choose the porcelain dental facets. However, if they are looking for a faster and cheaper solution that can refine their tooth in a pretty and effective way, in this case the composite dental facet is an excellent choice.

Dental facets Advantages

Dental facets are made using a material such as ceramic or composite. They are placed on the surface of the patient's teeth to hide the imperfections of the teeth and especially to allow them to have a nice smile. Thanks to the dental facets, the size of the teeth will be increased and the space between the two upper dental incisors will be reduced. Furthermore, there is no risk when placing the dental veneers, especially since it is a simple and painless procedure. Teeth grinding known as bruxism, is no longer present, once the dental facets are put, they prevent the development of the worn tooth enamel thickness and correct the aesthetic teeth appearance. Whereas, the dental hygiene is recommended in all cases composite or porcelain dental facets procedures.

Advices After dental veneers placement

The dental facet care is very important, it is strictly recommended to follow the dentist instructions and advices on dental and oral care. Indeed, contrary to what we think the porcelain dental veneer is strongly resistant to discoloration. So you can eat anything you want without even thinking of the risk of yellowing the new color of your teeth. Despite their small sizes, ceramic dental veneers are very strong and cannot break. The dental facets care is the same as of natural teeth.

Regular brushing and a dentist examination every 6 months is recommended to help maintaining the patient dental facets. In addition, the lifespan of dental veneers varies, it can also be influenced by genetics and dental and oral hygiene. In general, a dental facet lasts 8 to 12 years, but in the case of a proper lifestyle and good dental and oral hygiene, it can last longer. At the end of their life, the facet falls off the adhesive, and if necessary, the facets can be changed.