Penis enlargement (Penoplasty)

Peniplasty surgery


Anaesthetic Procedure Time Hospital Stay Stay In Tunisia Back To Work All Inclusive Price
Penoplasty -by fat injection- (penis volume augmentation with fat injection) General 0:45 hour(s) 1 night(s) 3 night(s) 2 day(s) £ 1350


Intimate surgery on men mainly consists of increasing the circumference and/or length of the penis. The operation of phalloplasty or penoplasty essentially responds to a human need for well-being and sexual fulfillment.

Penis augmentation (by fat injection) :

The penis augmentation surgery (increase in circumference), consists of a fat transplantation under the penis skin.

This is done in two steps:

  • Extraction of fat from the inner thighs, abdomen or pubic area.
  • Fat injection by using very fine cannulas introduced into the subcutaneous area of the penis.

The penis augmentation procedure is a progressive construction that may need two to three procedures.
The final result is obtained within an average of 3 to 6 months.
It is quite difficult to predict the final result due to fat metabolism of the patient.
In most cases, the gain is between 2 and 4 cm in circumference.
There is no particular pain associated with the penis augmentation surgery.
The pain that may appear is more related to the area where fat has been extracted.
The resumption of daily activities is possible24 hours after the surgery.
Sexual activity is not possible for 2 weeks.
Possible complications involve grafting fat tissue with the risk of non-integration of the adipose transplant. Greasy indurations and / or temporary deformities may appear.
They will disappear within a few weeks, spontaneously or with localized and painless injections of corticosteroids.

Penis lengthening:

Penis lengthening surgery is obtained by partial section of the penis suspensory ligament at its junction with the pubic bone.

It should be noted that in the gain obtained on the length of the sex is visible at rest. The surgical procedure does not change the length of the corpus luteum responsible for erection.

The result is immediately visible after the operation, although there is temporary edema and deformity of the penis.

The elongation is between 1 to 2 cm. This depends on the patient's penis anatomy. An analgesic or painkiller treatment may be necessary during the few days after surgery. The resumption of daily activities is possible one week after the operation. Sexual rest is necessary for 4 weeks.

However, it should be known that this intervention is not recommended considering the risk of a possible decrease in the strength of penis erection. In addition this surgery will only add 1 cm length (rarely 2 cm), in resting state only (it does not change anything in the erection state).

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  • Penis enlargement price

    The price of a Penis enlargement in Tunisia coupled with a week of recovery or vacation in a 5 stars hotel is at least % cheaper than the sole procedure in Europe and for the same medical quality.

    Operations Our price UK price Making you save
    Penoplasty -by fat injection- (penis volume augmentation with fat injection) cost £ 1350 £ 3857 65 %

    Scars related to Penis legthening and enlargement operation

    Regarding the penile lengthening surgery, the scars are localized in the suprapubic area and will be perfectly diminished when the operation is performed by a competent and experienced surgeon. The scar will become invisible as soon as the hair has grown back. As for penis enlargement technique there is no scars left.

    Post operative effects and recovery after male enhancement surgery

    After Male enhancement procedure, there is some pain, but the surgeon will prescribe simple analgesics to reduce immediate postoperative discomfort. After anesthesia, the patient's penis will be wrapped in surgical dressings that will need to be replaced periodically according to the cosmetic doctor instructions. The patients will be asked to do postoperative physical therapy to prevent penile retraction and maximize gains. Also, they must be vigilant in their sports activities during the healing period. It is important to avoid all sexual intercourse for 2 weeks. It is essential to avoid smoking and intense activity for two to three weeks following a penis lengthening procedure. To reduce the infection risks, the shower should be prohibited for a week or more. During this time, patients will need to use a sponge or washcloth to clean themselves. Sex can be resumed four to eight weeks later.

    Result and outcome after Penis enlargement operation

    In order to observe the final result and the effect of the Penoplasty surgery, it is necessary to wait until the edema diminish completely. The penis will then gain 3 to 5 centimeters in length and 2 to 3 centimeters in circumference. The post-surgical instructions will sustain the result. Male enhancement procedure has no effect on the fertility of the individual since it does not affect the reproductive organs such as the testicles and the ejaculatory duct. On the other hand, it can improve men's sex life by giving them more self-confidence.

    Advices before and after Penoplasty surgery

    Before penile lengthening and enlargement, the patient need to take a preoperative checkup in order to evaluate their general health condition. Penoplasty is not a risky procedure, but in case of failure, the psychological impact on the patient can be important, that why most surgeons advise their patients to consult a psychologist before the operation to ensure their good mental state. During the examination, the surgeon will give the patients few instructions to be followed before and after male enhancement techniques. In fact, any medicine containing aspirin will be banned 10 days before surgery. It is strongly recommended to stop smoking at least 1 month before and 2 months after surgery and to remain fasting6h before the operation. After a lipofilling, the patient should rest 24 hours and sexual intercourse is usually resumed after 2 weeks. After Penile lengthening, edema and hematomas can appear but will diminish over time. In most cases, men feel much more comfortable with their partner and the sensations are better during sexual intercourse.