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Hereafter our face procedures :

Facial cosmetic surgery is the set of surgical techniques that improve the patient's facial appearance by embellishing or rejuvenating different areas and organs of the face, namely the nose, eyelids, ears, chin, neck, the cheeks, etc.

One of the most famous one, the rhinoplasty continues to be a frequent request, to lessen a lump or straighten the nasal septum. But also, another corrective procedure less known, which involves ears, the otoplasty, which corrects the shape of the ears.

Moreover, the other main demands for cosmetic facial surgeries are skin rejuvenations. Indeed, the lifting, practiced for many years, is now available in different methods face lift surgery, temporal lift and neck lift. These surgeries can correct the oval of the face that might sag, lift the cheekbones, tighten the temporal area... In addition, there are different techniques to correct a major defect, and rejuvenate the appearance of the face via face lipofilling, genioplasty...

Over time, our eyelids undergo changes sometimes unsightly, making the look more tired or older, we can overcome this problem thanks to a bepharoplasty. Furthermore, mouth surgery is a broad field of facial cosmetic surgery. The lips may be too thin or too thick, or also be wrinkled or hanging. Indeed, buccal fat reduction or lips reduction are the most used techniques in these cases. These procedures have proven their effectiveness for many years and continue to be refined and improved.

Face lift

The facelift surgery is an intervention that helps to eliminate different signs of facial ageing. A facelift is always carried out carefully, in order to keep the face's natural expression. In fact, the facelift is performed under general anesthesia, and lasts approximately between 1h30 and 3h depending on the importance of the corrections needed. The scars are hidden in the natural skin crease. The facelift restores the structure and tonicity of the face and neck (fat, muscles, skin). Moreover, deep wrinkles are made less marked by using threads lift which tighten the skin. The areas that can be treated are: cheeks, jowls, oval of the face, neck.

Temporal lift

The temporal lift helps to improve the skin appearance of the temple area. The temporal brow lift can be performed alone or often associated with an eyelid surgery, known as a blepharoplasty. The temporal lift treats the sagging skin of the eyebrow's lateral part, to smooth the crow's feet and to slightly put in tension the skin of the outer part of the eyelids. The incisions are subtle, located behind the hairline and completely hidden in the hair.

Neck lift

The neck lift helps to tighten the skin and muscles of the neck area. In fact, it allows to redraw the oval of the face and the angle between the chin and the neck. The postoperative effects are simple, there is a slight bruising in the first few days after the neck lift surgery which disappears quickly. The results of a neck lift are very natural; indeed, the neck is highlighted and there is no more sagging skin.

Face lipofilling

The extraction and injection of autologous fat to better the facial appreance of a patient can be performed in different parts of the faces: cheekbones, chin, dark rings, lips... Furthermore, lipofilling has revolutionized cosmetic and restorative surgery, allowing a 100% natural way to correct some imperfections. The fat is extracted using a micro cannula and is then centrifuged to separate the fat from the serum. Then, the fat is reinjected into an ultra-fine cannula at the desired areas. Besides, the face lipofilling postoperative effects are very simple and the results can be appreciated immediately after the procedure.


Over time, our eyelids undergo undesirable changes, making one look more older and tired. The eyelids surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, aims to correct the signs of ageing located at the eyelids level. The scars are hidden in the natural eyelids crease or below the lower eyelash. Thus, they fade quickly to become unnoticeable with time.


Rhinoplasty, commonly known as "nose job" is a plastic surgery intended to erase deformations of the nose such as nostrils width, excessively protruding tip, nose bump, etc. It is also qualified as a nasal correction surgery. The surgeon makes hidden incisions. Indeed, the scars are either in the nostrils or even under the upper lip. Otherwise, if the surgical procedure is more important, the external scars performed are concealed at the nostrils external part.


The otoplasty is a procedure to improve the appearance of the ears. It aims at changing the shape, position or size of the ears. The choice of the most appropriate surgical technique depends on each surgeon. However, the common steps of this ear correction procedure requires first, incisions, then a dissection, after that the remodeling of the cartilage and suturing, and finally putting the dressings.


It is a plastic intervention that corrects the chin's shape in order to obtain a harmonious and aesthetic face. Two types of corrections can be made: either the chin is lacking volume or the chin is too protruding forward. There are different techniques to deal with each problem. The incisions are endo-oral (in the mouth), which leave no scars.

Buccal fat reduction

The main goal of the buccal fat reduction intervention is to sculpt and sharpen the face by decrreasing the fat in the cheeks. The Bichat pads removal improves the appearance of the face by getting rid of the rounded aspect of the face for a slimmer appearance. The surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth, thus, the scars are almost invisible.

Lips reductions

The lips reduction surgery reduces the lips size without leaving visible scars. It can be performed on the upper lip or the lower lip or both. Moreover, this disharmony is most often natural, but may also result from previous unsuitable treatments such as excessive upper or lower labial injections.

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