Hips lift

Hips lift


Anaesthetic Procedure Time Hospital Stay Stay In Tunisia Back To Work All Inclusive Price
Hip lifts General 2-3 hour(s) 2 night(s) 5 night(s) 7-14 day(s) £ 2420

Hips lift

Hips often cause a problem for women as these zones accumulate more fat than other body parts and can cause physical discomfort. Sometimes, diets may turn out ineffective, and even exercises do not provide the solution either. Thus, a hip lift remains one of the best solutions for smoother, thiner and sculpted hips. This surgery is practiced for women as for men, but hips are a part of the body were women stock fat more easily than men.

A hip lift is a surgery designed to get rid of sagging skin, and fat tissues accumulated around the hips. It shapes a more defined and well contoured transition from the waist to the thighs with more proportionate curves.

Hips lift price

The price of a hips lift in Tunisia coupled with a week of recovery or vacation in a 5 stars hotel is at least % cheaper than the sole procedure in Europe and for the same medical quality.

Operations Our price UK price Making you save
Hip lifts cost £ 2420 £ 6914 65 %

How is a hip lift surgery performed?

The pre operative examination is important so that the surgeon will check your silhouette as well as your skin quality, and then will establish the appropriate procedure in order to satisfy your needs and realistic expectations.

Hip Lift surgery is carried out under general anesthesia, and it lasts approximately two hours. The surgeon starts marking the zones to be treated which helps to identify the fatty tissues to be removed at the level of lateral parties of the lap belt.

During the surgery, the surgeon will make two fine incisions and insert suction cannula up to the fat to be extracted. In some cases, a hip lift can be combined with a liposuction to provide enhanced contouring results with an accurate reshaping. Once the plastic surgeon finishes removing the excess tissue, he will tighten the remaining healthy skin.

At first, scars will be visible but they will disappear over time. In fact, they are located at the groin level. If the hip lift was realized alone, the patient will only have two lateral scars which can be easily hidden under clothing.

Other proceduresto get the perfect shape you want:

Post operative effects and recovery after Hip Lift surgery

After a hip lift procedure, the patient will experience some swelling and redness. The surgeon will prescribe to the patient analgesics to alleviate the pain. The recovery period after a hip lift varies, it may be more or less long depending on the amount of fat and skin removed. The patient will wear a compression garment for at least one month which helps to minimize swelling and facilitate healing. Most patients can resume their work after one week depending on their work. After three to four weeks, patients can return to their habitual practices. After that period, they will notice a considerable reduction in swelling, and will begin to see their final results.

Result and hips lift benefits

The final result can be appreciated after ten months. This is the time needed for the skin to readjust to the new shape of the hips and for the scars to fully mature. After the surgery, the result is long-lasting if there is no change in weight. Therefore, patients should take care of their health and daily lifestyle by doing sports and maintaining a healthy diet in order to maintain a stable weight and prevent skin from stretching.

Before a hip lift surgery:

Here are a few instructions that the surgeon may give the patient: It is essential to stop smoking and using nicotine productsfor two weeks before and after the surgery, for they ruin the skin quality and elasticity. Also drinking alcohol is forbidden one week before and after Hip Lift surgery because it interferes with anesthetic medicines. Besides, drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, along with products containing aspirin and ibuprofen must be avoided for two weeks before the surgery. In fact, these products may cause problems with anesthesia and surgery. It is advised to take multivitamin daily two weeks before the due date. Patients should tell the surgeon about their current drugs. As for women, they must stop taking contraception pills one month before Hip Lift surgery to reduce venous thrombosis risk factors. It is also forbidden to eat or drink anything eight hours before the surgery.

After Hip Lift surgery:

Patients should talk to the surgeon to learn more about the post operative care recommendations such as how to care for their surgical site after Hip Lift surgery, how the stitches will be removed, when they can resume their normal activities and when they can take off their compression garment. Whenever patients expose their hips to sunlight, an SPF15 sunscreen is advised. The patient should ask questions related to medications use. In fact, the plastic specialist may give you ointment to be applied on the scars or medicines to be taken orally in order to lessen the infection risks.

Furthermore, the patients should require specific information from their surgeon if there is any follow-up care during their stay in Tunisia. It is important that the patient maintains a good hygiene and a stable weight for a long-lasting result.