Body lift


Anaesthetic Procedure Time Hospital Stay Stay In Tunisia Back To Work All Inclusive Price
BODY LIFT General 4 hour(s) 7 night(s) 7 night(s) 14-21 day(s) £ 3850

The body lift:

The body lift is nowadays a quite common cosmetic surgery due to the increasingly number of people weight loss that induces cutaneous excess, following a gastric band or sleeve surgeries.

This procedure is recommended for people who have a strong sagging skin in the abdominal belt.

The body lift has a direct effect on the following body areas: belly, upper thighs, buttocks, hips...

The procedure is meant to remove a strip of skin around the abdominal belt. The skin is then stretched up to the waist area This surgical procedure is often combined with a liposuction of the following areas: belly, hips, buttocks, thighs

The scar is often well accepted by patients, fine and meticulously done with a concern for symmetry.

The results are always quite spectacular because of the removal of large amounts of fat. The change, especially in the case of a former obese, is very surprising and needs some psychological preparation.

The body lift has become a more reliable and efficient surgery avoiding complicated heavy surgery follow-up.

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