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Nowadays, non-surgical procedures can treat many aspects of the facial aesthetics, by remodeling the volume, improving sagging skin, treating wrinkles or even getting rid of acne scars. There are several methods of cosmetic treatments recognized for their effectiveness. In fact, absorbable products such as hyaluronic acid and collagen are injected into the superficial dermis to correct wrinkles and scars. They can be injected in depth to correct the lines and grooves of the face and for example restore the volumes of the mouth and, cheekbones. Two successive sessions are sufficient. Besides, the injection of platelet-rich plasma has a rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the skin. It helps regenerating the damaged tissue and form new skin and muscle cells such as collagen and elastin.

The mesolift, a non-surgical technique, restores radiance and firmness of tissues by injecting minerals, vitamins, moisturizing products, hyaluronic acid, all over the face. Three sessions of mesolift are enough to get a satisfactory result.

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There are three types of chemical peels; mild, medium and deep. This technique aims to peel the facial dead skin and cells by applying acid product or exfoliant. They are recommended for people with faded skin which lacks radiance, or has many fine lines or an irregular appearance such as spots, thickenings, and acne scars.

The facial cosmetic treatment includes ablative and non-ablative lasers. The first one removes the superficial layer of the dermis with the fine lines and triggers the regeneration of a new flawless skin. Whereas the non-ablative laser as well as the pulsed lights, they stimulate the production of collagen and they will remove pigment spots and redness. It serves as an effective regeneration of the skin. Besides, they do not leave any scars or desquamation unlike ablative lasers and peels.

Regarding the radiofrequency and high intensity ultrasound methods, they tackle the facial skin loosening. While the facelift can provide a real lifting effect without surgical intervention. It also allows facial rejuvenation with no incisions through inserting thread lifts in order to reposition the face tissue and volume.

Cosmetic medicine has many effective treatments for acne scars. Acne is a skin disease that affects more than a third of adolescents, and it can have serious consequences and affect the quality of life of the person who has it. The laser acts directly on the sebaceous glands that are involved in the formation of acne lesions. This action mechanism explains that this laser can also be used in the treatment of important seborrhoea - very oily skin. Treatment requires several sessions from 4 to 5 on average spaced three to four weeks apart. This laser is effective from the first session on the inflammatory lesions, it brings a complementary improvement by tightening the pores and attenuating the scars by the stimulation of collagen.

Cosmetic treatments aim to perform a number of medical procedures in order to improve the physical appearance, hinder the aging effects, or correct facial imperfections. These treatment delay or compliment the surgical acts, and can also fill wrinkles in the face or reshape volumes.