Otoplasty : Ear plastic surgery




0:45-1 hour(s)


1 night(s)


2 night(s)


5-7 day(s)


£ 1490

Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty or ear plastic surgery is recommended to patients who are distraught psychologically, socially and professionally from big, protruding or deformed ears.

Not only is it possible to “pin back” ears, but also ears can be reshaped, reduced in size or made more symmetrical due to otoplasty.

Adult candidate for otoplasty should understand that the firmer cartilage of fully developed ears does not often provide the same moulding capacity as in children.

As for children, it is highly desirable for them to have it at a younger age sometimes as young as 9 years old not only for aesthetic reasons but also for psychological reasons affecting their future development both at school and at home.

The cartilage is extremely pliable, thereby permitting greater ease of shaping, secondly, the child will experience psychological benefits from the cosmetic improvement.

Otoplasty Length

Otoplasty or ear plastic surgery takes 1 hour approximately.


Otoplasty surgery can be performed with general anaesthetics but it is advisable to have it done with local aneasthetic. It is a simple and pain free procedure.


Day procedure, you will be home by the evening.

Post surgery

You are required to keep the bandages on for the first 12 hours. Most patients experience some mild discomfort the first night after the operation. Soft dressings applied to the ears will remain until the 15th day.

Otoplasty Results

Otoplasty or ear plastic surgery permits to reshape the ears, permanently reduce the size of larger ones and set prominent ears back closer to the head. Nevertheless, you need to expect slight tenderness of the ears for 2 to 3 months.

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