Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing

Non-surgical facelift

The non-surgical facelift is a technique of facial rejuvenation through inserting thread lifts under the skin that allow to reposition the face's tissues and volumes. In fact, it tightens the facial tissues and thus eliminates their sagging and stretched appearance. The thread lift, made of L-polylactic acid, is introduced in the skin through an ultra-fine needle stick. It works in the deepest layers of the skin and which stimulates collagen production. Thanks to the thread lifts, it is possible to tighten the eyebrows, the cheekbones, the oval of the face, the naso-labial folds, the corners of the mouth, the jowls and the neck.

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Non-surgical facelift price

The price of a Non-surgical facelift in Tunisia coupled with a week of recovery or vacation in a 5 stars hotel is at least % cheaper than the sole procedure in Europe and for the same medical quality.

Before Face-lift intervention

The medical examination is very important because it allows the cosmetic surgeon to examine the patient's face and determine the areas to be treated. In addition, the plastic doctor ensures that there are no contraindications that could intervene in the non-surgical face-lift.

How is the Non-surgical face-lift method performed?

The non-surgical face tightening procedure usually requires local anesthesia and lasts 30 to 45 minutes on average. The surgeon begins by drawing lines on the patient's face; they represent the facial threads mesh. Then, they will insert the thread lifts under the skin through a small needle, without making any incision or causing any scars. At the end of the procedure, the practitioner exerts a slight pressure with their hands to reshape the tissues and tighten the face, while correcting its sagging skin.

Postoperative Face-lift and advices

After the non-surgical facelift, the patient may feel minor pain that can be calmed down with paracetamol. Besides, there will be a feeling of tension and stretching caused by the repositioning of muscles. Skin redness will disappear after 2 weeks. For the first month, it is advised to avoid practicing sports and rubbing the face. In addition, it is preferable to use a fluid makeup and carefully wash the hair.

The surgeon will recommend the patient to avoid alcohol consumption, and they will prescribe aspirin or anti-inflammatory for the first 3 to 5 days. Nevertheless, the patient can resume their socio-professional life right after the procedure.

Face-lift procedure results

The result of a face tightening can be appreciated after a week, as the threads will fully integrate with the tissues within that time period and the swelling will disappears. In fact, the rejuvenation effect lasts about 18 months. This procedure can be associated with complementary treatments such as Botox or hyaluronic acid.

The non-surgical face-lift technique is widespread among people who wish to avoid a surgical facelift and who have a mild to moderate loosening of facial tissues.

The thread lifts allow, without surgical intervention, to redraw the oval of the face, pull up the cheeks, cheekbones and eyebrows and embellish the collapsed neck or even remove the lion and forehead wrinkles.