Cosmetic surgery or medical procedure

This guide gives you clear guidance as to what to do from your first request for an information pack right up until your safe return home. We would request that you read it carefully and fill in all forms necessary for each stage of the procedure.

Step 1 : General cost estimate, free and with no commitment

Prior to any procedure, an estimate must be provided.

If you want a precise cost estimate you need to complete the cosmetic surgery estimate form enclosing colour photographs of the part of your body to be treated (face and profile).This will allow the plastic surgeon to assess your case more accurately and work out a precise medical diagnosis and fee.

The best way to send the form and the photos is by using the cosmetic surgery estimate form or by email on this address:

or by post :

Immeuble LATINA, Apt NB1 Rue des Lacs de MAZURIE Les Berges du Lac TUNIS TUNISIE

Only genuine application forms with photographs attached can be accepted by our surgeons.

N.B : All information put forward is strictly confidential. The pre-consultation is free of charge.

Step 2 : Your choice

After examination of your medical history informations and photos, if the surgeon reaches a positive conclusion, we will send you his evaluation along with his professional CV. You will have 7 days to think it over before committing yourself.

To become acquainted with the surgeon and voice further queries, Cosmetica Travel can arrange consultations by phone or internet. If you have any other questions or require any further assistance please do not hesitate to email or telephone us.

Cosmetica Travel invites you to explore the opportunity of making a truly informed choice for your selected procedure.

Step 3 : Confirmation and booking

Once you have made your decision, we would be grateful if you would confirm by returning the booking form to us.
Upon receipt of this confirmation, you will obtain :

  • A detailed program of your stay
  • Your appointments with the surgeon
  • Your scheduled time for surgery

Step 4 : Your arrival to Tunis Carthage Airport

Your arrival at Tunis Carthage Airport, you will be greeted by your Cosmetica Travel personal assistant who will take care of your transfer to the hotel of your choice in a private car. Your English speaking assistant will look after you and answer all your queries. He will also make sure that your return flight is confirmed and will accompany you to all your medical appointments and surgery.

During your stay at the hotel, you can enjoy a pampering treatment which will help you to relax and unwind from your journey.

Step 5 : Pre-operative consultation

You will be able to see your surgeon the day after your arrival. Pre-operative tests including blood, cardiology and radiology may be requested prior to the pre-operative consultation.

Your complete and well-compiled dossier will allow the surgeon to verify your motivations and expectations and to explain again to you the terms and conditions of the procedure. Before proceeding with any surgery of any kind please take this new opportunity to discuss again all your concerns with your surgeon and feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

The pre-operative consultation will conclude with your remittance of the signed consent form, the confirmation of your initial estimate and your payment of the quoted fee.

The fee can be paid in Traveller's Checks or in cash.

NB : Traveller's Cheques must be accompanied with the purchase invoice given by your bank.

Step 6 :The procedure

The procedure takes place the next day of arrival.
Your Cosmetica Travel personal assistant will accompany you to the clinic and assist you during your cosmetic surgery day.

Step 7 : Recuperation

Following the procedure, your Cosmetica Travel personal assistant will take you back to your hotel. Cosmetica Travel will assist you during your recuperation by organizing your post-operative consultation with your surgeon. Whether you choose to take your holidays before or after your procedure(s) you are assured of the best choice and services.

Step 8 : Your return home

Cosmetica Travel will arrange your transfer back to the airport in a private car.
Please, do not hesitate to keep in touch with Cosmetica Travel and your surgeon after your return home through email or telephone.

To sum up :

  • Send us the estimate form with the photos.
  • Receive the doctor diagnosis and our estimate.
  • Send the booking form.
  • Receive the confirmation of your booking and a detailed program of your stay.