Lips reduction


Anaesthetic Procedure Time Hospital Stay Stay In Tunisia Back To Work All Inclusive Price
Lips reduction General 0:30 hour(s) 1 night(s) 3 night(s) 2 day(s) £ 1400

The reduction of the lips of the mouth:

Mouth Surgery is a broad field of plastic and cosmetic facial surgery. The lips may be too thin or too thick, also wrinkled or drooping. There are now various ways to improve the aesthetic appearance of the lips. Each person has their own wishes; inflate or plump the mouth, reduce the volume of the lips or lifter them, all this can be achieved through cosmetic surgery. However, lip augmentation is a commonly requested surgery that aims to give more volume to the lips, lip reduction is a technique used to treat the hypertrophy of lips. In fact, it reduces the size of the lips by balancing the upper and lower lips.

The reduction of the lips of the mouth is a cosmetic surgery which aims to reduce the size of lips of the mouth without leaving a scar.

It’s possible to intervene on the upper lip or the lower lip or both; the goal is to achieve a mouth in harmony with the rest of the face

Not everyone wants to have a big mouth, some people wish to decrease the volume of their lips. Indeed, this intervention is recommended for women as for men with too much volume whether naturally or due to massive Botox or Hyaluronic Acid injections that do not resorb, whose consequences and side effects are disastrous.

Even though women can reduce the volume of their lips by using several makeup tips to hide temporarily the size of the lips without surgery. Indeed, they can apply a concealer on the upper edge of the upper lip and on the lower edge of the lower lip, or use dark lipsticks. But surgery remains the most effective option. Men can benefit from a male lip reduction.

Lip reduction surgery is an effective solution to permanently treat hypertrophy of the lips. It allows patients to end up with thinner lips and a more sensual mouth while remaining full.

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Pre-operative preparations

A postoperative examination is essential, during which, the surgeon will examine the patient's lip shape, discusses the procedure, results, asks the patient about their needs and expectations. Besides, the doctor will give the patient a few instructions to be followed before and after the lip reduction surgery. It is advised to make mouthwash with an antiseptic before undertaking lip reduction plastic surgery. It is important to stop smoking at least 1 month before the procedure. In fact, the lips must be in perfect health, without signs of dermatitis or herpes. In addition, it is recommended to avoid taking drugs containing aspirin.

The surgeon marks out precisely the lips to ensure good labial occlusion and photographs are taken.

How is lip reduction surgery performed?

The lip reduction plastic surgery lasts between 30 minutes (for 1 lip) and 1 hour (for 2 lips) and is performed under general anesthesia. It aims to remove the unwanted fat and skin tissues of the mucosa and the orbicular muscle from the lip. In fact, the surgeon performs a horizontal incision at the inner part of one or two lips. The scars are not visible because they are hidden inside the mouth and the stitches used are totally absorbable.

Post operative effects and recovery after lip reduction plastic surgery

The lip reduction plastic is an outpatient surgery, the patient can go back home the same day. The postoperative effects are commonly marked by lips swelling, which lasts from 7 to 15 days on average. In addition, the patient may experience little pain, but it can be calmed down by simple analgesics. Besides, any sun exposure is forbidden the first days because bruises risk to discolor. After a lip reduction intervention, it is advised to use mouthwash for 7 days in order to kill bacteria and maintain a good mouth hygiene and prevent any infection. In addition, it is important to apply petrolatum to hydrate the lips, which helps the scarring and avoids chapped lips. The stitches used are resorbable in 15 to 20 days by their own, thus, it is not necessary to remove them. Furthermore, the patient may face a little difficulty to eat the first days, so it is recommended to eat soft meals such as mashed potatoes, yogurt, etc. For ice cream lovers, it may be an opportunity to eat as much as you want!

Result and outcome after lip reduction intervention

The patient can assess the results once the swelling is resorbed, it takes between 1 and 2 months approximately. The lip reduction surgery enhances the overall lips shape. In fact, the patient gets a more harmonious facial features after balancing out whether the upper or the lower lips or both. The great majority of patients are satisfied with the result from an aesthetic, functional and psychological point of view. As for the scars, they are hidden inside the mouth and will disappear over time.