my sister and I wet to Tunisia for op in Feb and already are delighted with the results.Staff were all fab and nothing was too much trouble.We felt looked after and safe from the moment we were picked up from airport.Same pronounced sammy is fantastic and has time for everyone.He is at hotel every day to pick people up for clinic so if any probs he is usually the first one you see,though the clinic is on call at all times.If you have any worries ask the reception to call clinic and usually you get this free.Both my sister and I had hernias we knew nothing of mine was very big but the surgeons just took it out free of charge as they do not like to do half a job.Thank you so much to Dr D... and his team we love you all too.The surgeons like to check you out personally at each visit to make sure all is ok.My sister and I are alreadt planning our next visit for eye surgery.If any operations were neccessary for me or my family I would not use doctors in uk I would fly to Tunisia as I know I caould trust them to do any surgery.I would like to point out that the clinic I used Alyssa is a normal hospital and has an emergency dept so is equipped for all cases and emergencies
    Madeleine (UK)
    Tummy Tuck + Lipo
    Dr ... thanks for the quality of your care and kindness. I am very happy with the result and I feel relieved of a heavy complex I was hanging for so long. Many thanks again. My stay at the hotel was nice and I am well rested.
    Helen (Wales)
    Gynecological treatment
    Arrived home after having surgery 24/02/09. what a fantastic experience, I now have the body I used to dream of. I cant start to describe how friendly and efficient everybody was. A special thankyou to Nozha, Nordin ( I love you )and Same. the surgery was excellent and they even repaired an hernia that I didnt know I had at no extra charge. There were never any hidden charges or surprises. the pain relief was great and all medicines were included as was the massages, (wonderful). the hotel was fantasic, everyone was friendly and helpful. room service was a godsend and very cheap as was the laundry service. I had my hair washed and a pedicure and also went on some of the trips to the shops and a camel ride. there is plenty to do for partners especially men on the hotel beach, quad bikes, moterbikes, horse and camels. a golf course nearby. no need for them to be bored. all in all a fantastic experience with out of this world results. i am studying my body for the next procedure just so I can go back. I am more than happy for anyone to contact me for info and pics if you want them untouched and from the begining not just the end result which i havent got yet. THANKYOU COSMETICA AND ALL THE WONDERFUL DOCTORS AND NURSES. I WILL BE BACK
    Vanessa (UK)
    Everyone always says they would change things about themselves if they had the money, but actually going ahead with it and entrusting someone to actually perform elective surgery on you is a massive decision. I would not hesitate in recommending Cosmetica Travel to anyone who is ready to make that step. My experience was a very positive one, I was well looked after in Tunisia by all the staff but would like to especially thank Dr D... for changing the way I feel about myself, and Sammy for just being a happy smiling face when I needed it. I personally could not have done it without my best friend by my side, we went through the whole process together and supported eachother. I did meet some other patients in the hotel afterwards who I think will remain friends for a lifetime. (you know who you are). I would recommend taking a support person if possible as it does make things that little bit easier. I had surgery almost a month ago and am so pleased with my results, I am still a bit sore from the lipo but not so much that it prevents me getting on with life, just be realistic the healing process takes time but I promise you it is worth it. I am happy to answer any questions honestly should anyone want to email me. Thanks again Cosmetica - you have changed my life...
    Linda (UK)
    Breast Impants & Lipo
    My story is very common....felt always ugly with my big nose, but always kept in the back of my mind "one day"!!! And that day it came and it is gone! I was back from Tunisia only 2 days ago.....What a journey....!So happy i did choose Cosmetica Travel because, thanks to them and the very talented Dr.D... and his team, today i can look in a mirror and see a very preatty and confident lady! Special thanks to Nohza, who was there for me when i was at the clinic alone, and Sammi the very "gentle and compassionate" driver of Cosmetica.But of course big thanks to everybody in the clinic and at the hotel ...all wonderful and caring people!! Oh no.....forgott the best: Dr Love!!!!! hope to be there beautiful and glamourous to show off my body and above all my "perfect nose"!!!!ciao!
    Loredana Waters (England)
    Rhinoplasty and Lipo
    Hi all! I got back to the UK almost a week ago. Cannot wait to not have to wear the surgical bra, and can go out to show off the new me! A big thanks to everyone out in Tunis - Sawcen, Sammy, Aziza and all the rest. Big thanks to the surgeons, nurses etc for looking after me. You have all done a brill job! I would recommend anyone to use Cosmetica, and have done so to many of my friends!
    TS (UK)
    Rhinoplasty & Breast implants
    Just wanted to tell anyone that maybe looking on this site to research cosmetic surgery...LOOK NO FURTHER!! I came home on Wednesday and at the moment feel unable to write about my overwhelming experience about Cosmeticatravel...ALL POSITIVE!! This is a short note to send my love and best wishes to all that was involved in my care and i promise i will be back..maybe in the New-Year with a full account! xx
    Helen Howard (UK)
    Breast uplift, Tummy tuck & Lipo
    Could not wait no longer in the UK, I decided to take the plunge and go to Tunisia for a right knee replacement right. Already 6 months since I did my operation. My condition is improving day by day. I have no pain and I walk normally. Thank you ... and thank you to Dr. everyone at the clinic and the agency.
    Rebecca (UK)
    Orthopedic treatment: prosthetic hip or knee
    I have wanted cosmetic surgery for years, but couldn't find a place which sounded 'right' to me. A friend of mine had her eyelids done and recommended Cosmetica Travel, so I emailed and straight away had a reply. I travelled alone to Tunis, but at all times I felt I was amongst friends, and felt secure.Dr D.. and Dr A... were fantastic,very reassuring and professional,always treating me as an individual.The results of my procedure are great, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Cosmetica Travel, in fact I already have and my friend is going in December!
    Rene Holbrook (Brims) (UK)
    Facelift & Liposuction
    Hello everybody, Just got back yesterday from Tunisia .Were I had my tummy done & some lipo.. done on the 08/11/08.. It was really nice seeing everybody again: Dr J & his assistant .Nohza.Sawcen & sammy :-) Cosmetica is like an extended family really. They are all friendly & you are look after the moment you step off the plane. Those of you who are worried about being in the foreign country bla bla blah ..lol the STAFF SPEAK ENGLISH !!! Your are in safe hand & EVERYBODY IS THERE TO MAKE YOU STAY AS EASY & CONFORTABLE . I have meet some lovely ladies from France & England hope they are looking georgous like me :-) My only saddness is : I'm going to have to wait a few years before I'm back there. Because I'm now "PERFECT " I an soo vain ...LOL I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have Long live Cosmetica Coraline xxx
    Coraline B (England)
    Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

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