Hi it's the 5 th of October I arrived home this morning from Tunisia I had fat transfer to my buttocks (bum) . I had a tummy tuck done 4 years ago and did not have a great amount of fat left as the surgeon dr dj and his assistant dr n done a fantastic job but once again they have excelled my tummy is very flat and my bum a nice peachy shape I am over the moon . I stayed over 1 night in hospital my friend stayed in hospital with me then we transferred to a beautiful 5 star hotel which was right on the beach . We were catered for as soon as we landed in Tunisia sammy and Sara were waiting . Sara and deanna were at the hospital making sure we were ok and answering our questions . I lost my phone and Sara managed to get it back got took away with the bedding a big thank you. Deanna arranged for me to get an acid peel on my face . Sammy what can I say he waits on u hand in foot he will do everything to help he really made our stay wonderful he's such a warmhearted man and really cares thank you so much. I will be flying out with my friend next year as she has decided to get a tummy tuck after seeing the results first hand . Roll on next year can't wait to see everyone again . A big thank you to all the hospital staff to and to miss nozha who I emailed at the start of my journey . Fantastic x
    Jacqueline brown (Scotland)
    Fat transfer with lipo
    Our stay at the Barcelo is a great souvenir made possible by the Cosmetica team : very professional and serious. Hotel and Thalasso center are in a good level which made our stay enjoyable. A memorable holiday. We will come back.
    Margaret and John (UK)
    Thalasso / Spa
    I have now been back a week from tunisia. The hotel was really lovely, you have a man called Sami who is an absolute treasure he will do everything and anything to make sure your stay is comfortable. I have to admit at this moment in time I am upset with the scars at the side of my eyes they are puckered. It is early days but they are anything but smooth. Maybe in a few months I will write differently. All in all we 3 ladies were pleased with everything. There isnt a lot of aftercare but then there isnt much the hospital can do, you have to use common sense yourself. We did see the surgeon twice but it was very rushed. We did take a travel kettle, tea bags and milk as there is none in the room. It came in very handy. There is plenty of food and the staff were really lovely you couldnt fault them.
    Theresa Atherton (United Kingdom)
    eye lids lower and upper
    I am just back from my Tunisian adventure after having a tummy tuck with lipo and also lipo on my arms, legs and back. All i can say is this man is amazing. The results although i am very early days are fab and i can see the long term results will be amazing. happy for anyone to email me if you have any questions but i can recommed this surgeon enough but be warned check which hotel you are staying in as the one i stayed in was terrible, bad food noisey and no where near the 5 stars it was claiming to be
    Jayne Harris (UK)
    Tummy Tuck and Liposuction
    A massive thank you to everyone at cosmetica who made it so easy for me to come and have my surgery in Tunisia. They are very caring, organised and professional throughout! Did an amazing job on me and My breasts look great and I would definitely come back to you for more treatment if needed! Surgeon has very good knowledge about all procedures and is very talented, and a special thank you to deana who was there every step of the way:) Sammy was brilliant our driver made us smile and feel very welcome in Tunisia! Really nice to have met you all! See you all next time!
    Carly-zia (UK)
    Breast enlargement
    I had my surgery august 2007 and I want to write this so people know how great the long term effects of this operation and how skilled this surgeon is. Since having the op I have had a baby and am now pregnant again. The surgery I had is a credit to the surgeon because during the last pregancy I had absolutely no problems with the scar stretching, my abdominal muscles gave as needed with the pregnancy and I never even got stretch marks even though the skin was tight and the baby boy 9lb 7oz. And afterwards the skin went back nice and normal, the belly button as intact as had been when the surgery was first done. when I have completed my family I will come back to cosmetica for a nip and tuck, the care is excellent and I highly recommend them. The main bit of advice I will give is to be patient with the effects as you need to let the scar heal and the swelling subside before you will see the full benefits of the surgery. The surgeon who did my caesarean complimented my tummy tuck surgery saying how neat it was!
    Kellie James (England)
    Choosing Cosmetica Travel,was the best thing I ever did,the results are fantastic.I had my surgery 1/6/10.The staff were so friendly,Hotel fab,food excellent with lots of variety.I travelled alone which I wouldn't recommend,as it can be lonely for the first couple of days,but met great people later on.My surgery was pain free and I can't thank my surgeon enough, he is amazing. My driver Sammy "your the best". I would definatley go back for more surgery, hopefully very soon.Once again Cosmetica Travel Thank You.
    Maxine (England)
    Breast Reduction & Lift
    I had my surgery in June 2010. Was looked after by the lovely Sawcen and Sammy. Hotel was good,food good, clean, Staff helpful. Dr Dj did my operation, such a lovely man, felt so at ease, no worries at all and what a cleaver man he is. He has made an excellent job. Lovely clean scar, Fantastic Flat Tummy, new tummy button. My confidence has grown so much, I feel great. The clinic was clean and staff friendly. Got taken back to the clinic every couple of days to be checked by Dr Dj. Sammy doing the driving taking good care of us.I travelled alone which was fine for me, but recommend you travel with some to help you for the first couple of days you are back at the hotel. But not to worry to much as Cosmetica Travel staff are always at the end of a phone and come to check on you every day at the hotel. Can't recommend them enough. Big Thank You to all. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
    Sally Watkins (England)
    Tummy Tuck and Lipo
    Finally it was a great idea to combine holidays and a beauty treatment. I am very happy with the result. I thank Dr ... and the whole team Cosmetica. See you soon
    Mary / Botox and Restylane (Scotland)
    Botox, Restylane
    I had my surgery on 31st May 2010 and i am seven months post op. Going to Tunisia to have surgery really was the best thing i have ever done. I am so happy with my results and how me and my friend Nicole were treated; that i would definately go back for more surgery again. The hotel was lovely and exceptionally clean the food was nice, fresh and varied. And out driver Sammy was a star, it really was nice to be greeted by a friendly face. Thank you Cosmetica; and you will be seeing me again soon.x
    Breast Uplift and Implants

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