Tunisia’s proven leader in Medical Tourism

There are many ‘health tourism’ internet facilitators offering expert advice and most of them claim to be the experts in this field.  But very few of them can actually back that up.  cosmetica Travel can genuinely claim to be Tunisia’s premier medical tourism specialist and we can guarantee you a first class professional service that you can trust in :

  • Cosmetica Travel was the first medical tourism agency to be established in Tunisia in 2004
  • We have wide-reaching experience and we deliver first class cosmetic and medical surgery to hundreds of clients from around the world every year.
  • We have an excellent reputation and the cosmetica brand is becoming recognized throughout Europe.
  • We have wonderful testimonials from our clients, that are featured in our guest book and many of our clients come to us through referral.
  • Such is the trust between us and our clients that many of them come back for more surgery and bring their friends, daughters and sister’s with them so they can have surgery too.

YES, we were the first. YES, we believe we are the best and proud of it. 

If you would like to know more, why not take a few minutes to watch the following media clips.

French TV featured cosmetica Travel in 2004

The very first television program which made known the concept of medical tourism was a French TV programme called “The Right To know”: “The market of the eternal youth” broadcast on TF1 channel on January 13, 2004, this program described our services, our customers, our private clinic and the work of one of our exclusive surgeons.  

A second French TV programme “I decided to be beautiful” reinforced cosmetica’s image and was broadcast on M6, on November 9, 2004.

English TV featured cosmetica in 2005

GMTV: On Thursday 6th January 2005, Lorraine Kelly discussed the growing trend of cosmetic surgery holidays to Tunisia. The programme showed an interview with an English lady who had undergone successful breast augmentation and liposuction in Tunisia by one of our exclusive plastic surgeon.

Watch the video

SKY News:  Surgery In The Sun:

The search for the perfect body is heading overseas, with more and more of us going abroad for a bit of cut-price nip and tuck. The high cost of cosmetic surgery in Britain is leading to a boom in so-called "medical tourism".

Watch the video