Frequently Asked Questions

Is a pre-consultation necessary ?

Besides the preliminary consultation of your file, we recommend that you consult one or two surgeons of your choice in your own country before taking your decision.

How does post operation care take place ?

After the operation and during the period of convalescence and recovery, each patient will be seen at least twice by the surgeon.

cosmetica Travel will provide a trained nurse who will carry out all post operation care. cosmetica will also provide you with the medication prescribed by your surgeon after the operation.

Stitches will be removed before departure. For certain operations, it is not always necessary to remove them.

After the operation, your surgeon will give you the advice to follow for you to obtain the best esthetique results from your surgery.

If need be, cosmetica and your surgeon will indicate doctors or surgeons in your own country who will provide follow up.

Your surgeon and cosmetica Travel are always available to answer any queries.

Where are breast implants made ?

Breast implants are made in Europe or in America. They are made with silicone gel and they have all europeen certification. The brands used are:


Do I have to spend a week in Tunisia to undergo my operation ?

One week is the minimum length of time to spend in Tunisia after any surgery

If I have to be accompanied, who pays for this ?

If you wish to be accompanied by a member of your family or a friend, they come at their own expense but benefit from the same special price - Tunis Air open.

Can I undergo two or three operations at the same time ?

If you wish to carry out several operations at the same time, your surgeon will confirm what is feasible and how much time is necessary.

You can save up to 50% on the second and third operation.

How long in advance to I have to book my stay ?

As soon as you have an available date, reserve immediately. Early booking permits the best planning for the operation.

Do I need a visa for Tunisia ?

For CEE countries, a valid passport is sufficient. For other nationalities, you must contact the Tunisian embassy of your country. The consular or the embassy will give you the necessary information.

What kind of pre-medical examinations must I do beforehand and are they included in the general expenses ?

For all medical interventions, a complete blood analysis is necessary.

* Blood formula

* Blood group

* Haemostasis

* Urea

* Glycaemia

* Hepatitis B and C


For a breast surgery, a mammography is necessary (this can be done in Tunisia ).

For eye surgery, an ophthalmology examination is required.

For patients over 50, a cardiogram is required.

These preliminary examinations must be made by your own doctor and are not included in the tariffs. As a first step, they are essential to us so that we can confirm that there are no medical reasons for not undergoing the operation. They will complete the medical file that will be presented to your surgeon and anaesthetist during the pre-operatory examination.

How many photos must I send ?

For liposuction, breast implants and abdominal reduction, left and right, front and three quarter profiles are necessary.

For face lifts, photos with the neck fully visible, full face, profile and three quarter profiles are necessary.

For nose surgery, a facial close up, a profile and a photo with the head pulled back are required.

For hair transplants, photos of the top and the back of the head are required together with a profile.