What are the main facial surgeries?


Face-lift surgery

If your facial base is no longer smooth as a result of wrinkle formation, skin loosening, and skin folds, our face-lift surgery presents you with several interventions to remedy each and every imperfection on your face. As a facial cosmetic surgery, face lifting restores a rejuvenated facial appearance by tightening sagging tissues and excess skin all over the face. The procedure acts on several parts of the face including the eyelids, the temples, the neck, the forehead, the mouth corners and the smile lines. Several types of face-lifts are presented to you once you decide to undergo the surgery. Depending on your age, insecurities, and desired outcome, the surgeon will recommend the procedure that suits you the best. S/he will therefore choose a full face-lift, a mid-face lift, or a mini face-lift.

Face fat transfer or lipofilling

If your skin has lost its elasticity or your cheeks and eyes have sunken, we present you with the ultimately rejuvenating facial plastic surgery of lipofilling to remedy your skin problems. Facial lipofilling remodels facial features by filling up certain areas of the face like the wrinkles, the cheeks, the under eyes, and the lips with the patient’s own body fat. The surgery employs two procedures at ones; consisting of suctioning fat from donor areas of the body (liposuction) and injecting it onto the target area of the face (fat grafting). Facial lipofilling not only acts as an aesthetic procedure, but also serves to correct scarring of any kind. Indeed, lipofilling can be used to fill up scars and reduce their prominence. Therefore, if you suffer from skin aging, scarring, or simply wish to augment certain areas of your face, you may undergo this procedure and enjoy our facial lipofilling price.

Neck lift surgery

If your saggy neck skin makes you feel old and insecure about your looks, we recommend our neck-lift surgery for you to get a young looking and attractive neck appearance. Neck-lift is a facial surgery that can act as a procedure on its own or as part of face-lift surgery. Generally, people who do not necessitate a full face-lift, undergo specific interventions of face lifting such as neck-lift surgery. In this sense, neck lifting consists of pulling up excess skin located around the neck area and trimming remaining skin. The procedure is minimally invasive and quite simple; however, it requires rigorous aftercare. In addition, results of neck-lift surgery can be permanently stable if the patient avoids fluctuations of weight and takes care of their neck skin by applying sunscreen before exposing it to the sun, and hydrating it day and night.

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