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As facial skin ages over time and develops folds and wrinkles, breasts experience a similar effect by turning saggy and droopy. By producing fewer reproductive hormones (oestrogen), skin texture around the breasts changes by drying down; and therefore forming wrinkles. The shape of the breasts is also affected over time as it falls down and becomes smaller. Although aging is a natural process, most women deem their aging breasts unaesthetic; and thus request an anti-aging treatment to restore their youthful and firm bosom.

There are several anti-aging treatments to saggy breasts:


Breast tightening creams and oils could come in handy in improving skin elasticity and hydrating the breasts. Depending on the texture you prefer, massage your breasts regularly using either a cream or an oil to help maintain the “roundy” shape of your breasts and prevent sagginess or the formation of wrinkles around the nipple.


By strengthening chest muscles through exercises like push-ups, dumbbell chest press, and cable crossover, you will be able to firm your breasts and tighten the skin around them.


Whenever your breasts are exposed to sunlight, make sure you apply an SPF cream to protect them from the aging effects of UV rays.

Besides the latter, several home treatments are available to everyone like olive oil massaging, ice massaging, drinking enough water, and so on. However, such treatments should be followed to the letter since an early age ?that is before breast skin ages?to prevent breasts from sagging. For this reason, anti-aging breast treatments are preventive rather than corrective. If your breasts are already saggy, such treatments may help in hydrating your breasts and restoring slight firmness to the skin, but will not miraculously turn your bosom youthful.


Breast lift surgery presents the ideal and miraculous solution for women suffering from breast ptosis, or skin laxity in the breast region. It is a cosmetic surgery that lifts aging breasts by eliminating excess skin and wrinkles, tightening the surrounding tissues, and repositioning the nipple. The procedure results in natural looking breasts with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Breast lift surgery promises a lifted and youthful look to the breasts and it is generally recognized with high rates of success.

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts for about two hours. It typically starts with an incision, which generally extends from the bottom of the areola to the crease. There are various incision techniques; the choice of one is determined by the surgeon. Upon incision, cutaneous excess in the breast region will be pulled, lifted, and then tightened. If there is any remaining skin, it will be trimmed. The areola will be thereafter repositioned (to its initial position before lifting). Finally, the procedure is concluded by closing the incisions shut with resorbable stitches. Breast lift surgery guarantees minimal post-surgical scarring as the incision will be performed in places where they are less visible.

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