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Your Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia ... With Cosmetica Travel

Tunisia, a first class choice for cosmetic surgery

Today, Tunisia can offer more than 100 cosmetic surgery clinics with equipment as advanced and reliable as anywhere in Europe. These establishments are run by an elite of highly qualified surgeons who practise internationally. Yet all this costs less than half of what it would in Europe.

This is not a low quality bargain. The considerably cheaper prices of a cosmetic surgery abroad are possible because of the following reasons:

  • The cost of living is cheaper in Tunisia than in Europe.
  • The Euro is worth 2.5 Tunisian Dinar, the Sterling Pound is worth 3 the Tunisian Dinar, an advantageous exchange rate which makes Tunisia highly affordable to overseas visitors.
  • Fiscal benefits granted by the Tunisian government provide incentives which encourage local companies to invest in this sector.

All this reflects positively on plastic surgery cost abroad.
Your cosmetic surgery operation abroad in private clinics is 50% lower than in Europe.

A plastic surgery in Tunisia will be accompanied by a weeks recovery or holiday in a hotel and will cost you up to 60% less than just the cosmetic surgery in Europe yet with no loss of quality on all levels. As proof of our success, Tunisia has already welcomed french, spanish, belgium and italian patients...

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International magazines talking about Cosmetica Travel
International magazines talking about Cosmetica Travel