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Plastic surgery before and after

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During the stay in Tunisia: During recovery period in Tunisia, the "patient/client" has the right to minimum of 2 post-operative consultations with the "doctor". In regard to cosmetic surgery, it should be noted that such procedure are generally not aggressive and rare possible complications occur immediately the following days after surgery during the stay in Tunisia. Thats why the patient/client has to comply with minimum stay of convalescence in Tunisia recommended by the "doctor" and "agency".

After the return home of "patient/client": Cosmetica Travel has a specialized department dedicated to assist the "patient/client" in the postoperative follow up. This department gets in touch with the "patient/client" as soon as he is back home and remain at his disposal to answer all questions about her postoperative follow-up by coordinating with the "doctor". This department will arrange, if necessary, direct contact (by phone or internet) with the "doctor" in Tunisia who will arrange, if he find it necessary, an appointment with a home country doctor.

RIGHT FOR TOUCH-UP (In case of cosmetic surgery):

A touch-up surgery is a minor revision procedure after cosmetic surgery. The "doctor" decides if a touch-up surgery is needed on the basis of postoperative photos sent by the patient/client. If the unsatisfactory result is confirmed by the "doctor", the "patient/client" will be entitled to a free touch-up surgery. In this case, "the agency" and "doctor" will pay respectively the costs of stay and costs of surgery (including hospitalization) needed for the touch-up in Tunisia. This warranty does not include flight and covers only the "patient/client."
NB: The notion of an unsatisfactory result has important element of subjectivity and is therefore based on expert opinion of cosmetic surgery and the mutual good faith.

GUARANTEE IF PROVEN COMPLICATIONS (linked to the procedure):

If complications (linked directly to the procedure) happen when the "patient/client" is still in Tunisia, all support and medical services are provided in Tunisia and costs paid by Cosmetica travel and "doctor".
If complications happens after the return of the "patient/client" in his or her home country (after spending the required convalescence period in Tunisia) and if further surgery proves necessary "the agency" and "doctor" will bear respectively the costs of stay and costs of surgery (including hospitalization) needed for a second surgery in Tunisia. This warranty does not include the flight and

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Cosmetic plastic surgery

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