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Dear friends,
We are pleased to open for you the pages of our guestbook. We invite you to let us share the impressions left by your stay among us in Tunisia. Thanks for agreeing to fill
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Houssem Ben Azouz
General Manager

  • Kerrie James
    Breast augmentation
    After many years of thinking about surgery, I finally chose Cosmetica because my cousin recommended them after her surgery. I was still nervous, however, at the idea of travelling abroad and went out there telling myself that if I had any doubts I would just have a holiday and not have the op. However, when I got to the clinic my mind was put at rest immediately - it was spotless inside, and the surgeon and his team were very confident and professional. I had the op on Thursday 23rd April, and I was sightseeing by Saturday! I had some discomfort, but not pain and I am thrilled with the result. I asked the surgeon to place the implant under the muscle for a more natural look, and he inserted the implants through an incision around the edge of my nipples, so the scarring is virtually invisible. My tips would be to take somebody with you, and ask for them to stay with you in the clinic too - my mum slept in the hospital room with me and it was great to have her company. The hotel is quiet - fab for relaxing and recuperating - but you could be bored if you're on your own. You will make friends with the other clients though, as you share minibus rides to and from the clinic. If you feel up to it, go and do some sightseeing but agree a price with the taxis outside the hotel before you go, and check the sign at the hotel gates which tells you how much the journeys should cost. But it's all much cheaper than the UK anyway! We did get pestered in the markets, which got annoying. Sidi Bou Said is worth a visit - Lutfi in the restaurant will tell you where to go and where to avoid. And finally, knowing a bit of French is useful. Sawcen and Nozha are on hand to interpret with the doctors etc, but my limited French helped with the hospital staff, and when out and about. The surgeon and his team are busy - you're on a private floor but below is a busy hospital - so you don't get lots of time with them but having seen the results not just of my surgery, but the other clients I was with, Dr D knows what he is doing so trust him!
  • Ann Tune
    Face Lift
    Its now 8 weeks since I flew out to Tunis with Cosmetica Travel for my facelift at the Alyssa Clinic where Dr D... carried out the procedure. I have to say that Dr D... has given me, at the age of 62, my confidence back, changed my life and has made me feel just wonderful. I could say hes my Michaelangelo, not quite given me the face of an angel but when I look in the mirror, hes given me the face Ive wanted for so many years. From the moment I arrived at Tunis airport, Cosmetica Travel took over and I had nothing else to worry about. At the clinic, I was given 5 star treatment by both the surgeon and his staff. The care I received was the best ever. Nurses were on call 24 hours and I felt in safe hands. The day of the operation came and was put at ease by Dr D... and everyone involved. After surgery, I was amazed at the lack of pain and was given painkillers, but after just one day, didnt need them. I have nothing but praise for the nurses and although many of them couldnt speak English, language didnt seem as a problem, as we communicated with our hands, smiles and a general need to be understood in such a good humoured way. I loved my stay there. Aftercare at the hotel was second to none and the hotel and staff were so sympathetic to my situation, as they were there to make mine and other recovering patients stay as easy and effortless as possible. Where else could you recover from an operation sitting by the pool, in a bikini, in the shade of course, at a 5 star hotel knowing you had the best healthcare at hand. I have special thanks to say to Sawcen, Nousa and especially Sammy, my special friend, who was there whenever I needed anything, from shopping at the supermarket to just a chat about anything and he was also concerned about my safety when travelling away from the hotel. Both Sawcen and Nousa and Sammy were on hand every day and every three days for my visit to the clinic for a check up by Dr D.... The only symptoms I have now is a slight numbness in my cheeks and friends and family (who are not aware of my having the operation) telling me how fresh and different I look, which is the response I wanted. Cosmetica Travel, The Alyssa Clinic, Dr D..., Sammy, Sawcen and Nousa thank you for changing my life.
  • Bianca
    Tummy Tuck & Lipo
    Wow what an experiance, i am already seeing the results and it's still early days. The Surgeon is a very talented man analysing my figure & then taking from all the places. The after care in the clinic is great aswell. I would definatly be going back next year. A massive thankyou to Sammy, you are so caring. Also thankyou Sawcen & Miss Nohza. If anyone wants to contact me feel free. See you all next year
  • Caroline

    Tummy Tuck and Lipo
    Had a tummy tuck and Lipo on the 20th April 2009. This was by far the best decision I had made, the care and surgery were of the highest possible standard in my opinion. You were treated with dignity and respect at all times. The operation was a success and I am already seeing the results that I wanted. The hotel was beautiful very quiet and peaceful. You will not regret your decision to have surgery with this company. Please feel free to email me with any questions or queries.
  • Suzanna
    Dental veneers
    This is a dream I could finally acheive in Tunisia without ruining myself. The dental veneers in the UK are expensive and they have cost me half the in Tunisia and all in a holiday setting. I thank DR ... and the whole team Cosmetica. I'm sure a lot of my friends will come to you because I can not stop talking about you.
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