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Dear friends,
We are pleased to open for you the pages of our guestbook. We invite you to let us share the impressions left by your stay among us in Tunisia. Thanks for agreeing to fill
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Houssem Ben Azouz
General Manager

  • Annah
    breast implants
    I have been back now for a week after having breast implants in tunisia and am happy with the results so far. Me and my partner were picked up from the airport by Sammy and the GP Nejla. We were taken to our lovely hotel where we spent the night before i had my surgery. Hosiptal was clean, surgeon spoke excellent English and all the staff were friendly. Someone else commented and said if you are staying in the hospital do bring your own food and loads of magazines. You go back to the hospital a couple of times after to check everything is ok. The hotel was beautiful but could be quite boring sometimes so we wish we had brought some cards with us. They have a gym at the hotel so whoever goes with you and doesnt have surgery can go to the gym. They have a health suite which does massages etc which was nice too. overall well worth it as i feel the surgeons, hospital and care at the hotel were excellent. would recommend this to anyone thinking about having any kind of surgery. thanks
  • Bennett Carla
    Breast augmentation
    I was recommended Cosmetica Travel for breast enlargement by a friend who had surgery earlier in the year. After my experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone considering surgery. I decided to travel on my own and welcomed the break! I met many other people within the hotel and felt completely comfortable to be there on my own. The food was absolutely devine and the choice is massive. The clinic stinks of cleanliness as soon as you walk in the door and all of the staff were fantastic. My only words of advice are; take additional pain killers and check they can be taken with the medication you are given, had I not taken extra pain relief I feel I may not have been as comfortable throughout the remainder of my stay. Be prepared for a slight language barrier, English is the third language behind Arabic and French, this only caused an issue when talking over the phone however in person it is much easier. I have friends who have had similar surgery in the UK and they are gutted that they did not know of Cosmetica Travel, main reason being the money they would have saved but also the holiday you enjoy at the same time! Any hesitation I had about surgery abroad has been put to rest, I would strongly advise to go with this company and feel free to mail me if you have any questions! Thanks Cosmetica Travel!
  • Louise Woodhall
    Newcastle, UK
    Breast Lift with Implants
    I traveled to Tunisia on the 20th September and was greeted at the Airport by Sammy who was so reliable from the day i got there, i arrived in the evening and was taken straight to the Hotel which is very nice, but would advise if you are going alone to be prepared there is not a lot to do, i was picked up at 9 am on the 21st and was taken to the clinic for my Surgery. I meet Dr T and his assistant they are both very nice and caring people Dr T is an amazing person and very caring. the hospital is very nice but i did not like the food so would advise to take own and magazines. the next day i was then taken back to the hotel to relax and that i did. I am so happy with the results that i have, and if you have any doubts in your mind i would put them to rest. I am so glad that i have got it done. i want to say a big thanks to kamur who give me so much advise before i went out there and everyone else who did, if i can be of help to anyone please drop me a line. and hello to all the girls i meet while i was out there hope you are all doing really well.
  • clare staffod
    breast lift with implants
    hi had my surgery last week. what can i say dr djamal was great and so caring and knew what he was doing.waited 10 years for op and now wow. sami and moreana what lovley people. clinic spotless after care fab nurses great.hotel lovley food great but went alone net some people there which was good as hotel not enough to do if you need any info contact me on my e mail
  • anne simpson
    tummy tuck and liposuction
    I traveled to Tunisia in July 2006 with my husband to have my operation. I first heard of cosmetica on GMTV I am a nurse and work for Bupa and had always wanted to have a tummy tuck since after having my children but could never afford it in this country. Being a nurse I was aware of all the things to expect and also all the risk involved. I liased for over a year with M... who patiently answered all my questions. I had made up my mind that if I got to the clinic and had any reservasions I would not have it done. Once there all my fears vanished everyone was so nice and Dr D was a very caring man who takes pride in his work and wants to give his patients the best result. At the clinic my husband was allowed to stay as long as he wanted, after the operation I felt great, no after effects from the anesthetic I was a bit uncomfortable but was given adequate pain relief, everyone at the clinic was so nice. I am very happy with the results and my lovely flat stomach I cant wait until my next holiday to wear my bikini. All the after care was exellent and everything is arranged, on the third day after the op I went back to the 5star hotel and relaxed by the pool I ahd to wear a vest top and sarong to cover my lovely body stocking, but you do feel secvure in it. after a few days we went into Tunis to the medina for some shopping. I would recomend it to anyone and every one could not believe how well I looked, I am 2 sizes smaller and was able to go back to work as a nurse within 2 weeks. I am happy to answer any e-mails from any one who is considering having this done.
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