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Dear friends,
We are pleased to open for you the pages of our guestbook. We invite you to let us share the impressions left by your stay among us in Tunisia. Thanks for agreeing to fill
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Houssem Ben Azouz
General Manager

  • Cosmetica Travel was recommended to me by clients of another doctor in Tunis, who although an excellent surgeon, felt let down by other aspects of the organisation. My first reaction upon reading this guest book was that the whole organisation, clinic, staff etc, treated you as an individual, and perhaps with the same care and attention they themselves would like to receive or bestow on their mothers! My first email to them, replied from by Abdel, was a personally tailored email, not an en-mass email I had received from countless other companies. I knew instantly I had found the right place for me. When I was emailed Dr. Ds credentials I knew without a doubt that that gorgeous caring face looking at me was the surgeon for me. All my emails from dates, times and personal feelings of cosmetic surgery were answered quickly and with genuine understanding of how I was feeling. On the day of the surgery every person I saw was sincere and professional and understood completely how I felt. The clinic ran like clockwork and it was obvious they had a very good long standing professional caring staff from the surgeon down the line to housekeeping and catering staff. It seemed to me the exceptional caring vibes of the personality of Dr.D spread to every corner of the clinic and through everybody who works there. Dr D did not just treat me as a tummy tuck, he looked at the whole me and did liposuction on my love handles and back to give me a better shape, something no other surgeon form the UK or Belgium had mentioned. Dr D did not charge me extra for this, again was unlike any other company or surgeon I had approached. I developed anaemia 2 days post op and was kept in until I felt ready to leave, and no time was I made to feel an inconvenience or in the way. I was treated very quickly and the symptoms explained. What I liked, was when the staff monitored me they had really concerned looks on their faces and would give me reassuring touches and strokes, that care, in my opinion cannot be faked. The operation went as Dr D said it would, I love where the scar is and 3 weeks post op it is amazing. My whole shape is lovely and sexy and cannot believe that those love handles have gone!! The hotel was lovely, food, staff, service etc. I will warn you about the mosquitoes. Nobody warned me and I got bit quite a lot. Reception can provide you with spray, but take with you everything else. They come in during the day, hide in the dark corners and feast on you at night!! You are seen everyday by someone from Cosmetica Travel. I had alternate days at the clinic with the Surgeon and Assistant Surgeon, and the injection nurse on other days who came to the hotel in the evenings. You can contact them at anytime either yourself, or ask reception to call them if you have a problem or feel worried about something. I am not a seasoned traveller, but I travelled alone and at no time did I feel intimidated or out of place. As its a 5* hotel so you do not meet the typical package holiday cliental. I met lots of people, had a laugh with all staff. I used my school girl French to get by, and chatted with other CT clients. Tunis is a safe place to go out in, its heavily policed due to the American and English Embassies located there. One CT client went out everyday till late with her daughter (hi girls, if you read this!), even walking into Tunis, and she had no problems. You a get a choice of a complimentary treatment in the Hotel Salon. I chose reflexology to aide healing, and subsequently had 2 more. As I had been in hospital my skin looked yuk, so I had paid and had an amazing facial and subsequently bought the products! The physiotherapist also gave me a massage at the clinic the day before I went home (heaven on my sore bits I can tell you!) to aide the swelling. As I said Cosmetica Travel really treat the Whole you. I am returning as soon as I have healed from this surgery to have a breast lift. Whilst I will not need anything after that, I will
  • Sam
    Lipo Eye bag and lid removal breast reduction
    I am absoultely delighted with the results of my sugery which I had done on 12th Dec. I was very wary about having surgery abroad initially but I did some research and this company came up trumps. I found the company very professional,accomodating and caring. I have had surgery done in the UK prior to my visit to Cosmetica and Cosmetica wins out right with regards to the standards of surgery and aftercare. A big thanks to Houssem and his team for everything. I am quite happy for anyone considering using Cosmetica to get in touch with me if they have any questions etc.
  • Tracey
    Breast uplift & Implants
    I Travelled to Tunisia on the 10th Nov I left mp partner & 4 children at home so my parents both came with me.We was picked up at the airport by Sammy & sarra & from the minute we arrived to the min we left we didnt have one complaint. The hotel was excellant & the food was lovely with plenty of variety.Even my dad who is the most basic eater you could meet managed to find plenty to satisfy him.The clinic was also lovely & clean & everyone of the staff was very welcoming & polite to all three of us.Im over the moon with the results of my op even though it is still early days.The only obstacle we had that none of us spoke french but lucky for us there were people on hand that could speak english to help us out.I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Cosmetica Travel to anyone I have got nothing but praise for everyone over there.If anyone got any questions I will be happy to answer them on my e-mail address.
  • Caroline
    tummy tuck, boob lift and liposuction
    I have been home about a week now after operation on 1st November. I was rather nervous about having surgery ouside of the UK but made contact with many of the past patients from the guest book, who were very helpful and reasured me that I was doing the right thing. The medical treatment was absolutely SUPERB: Dr J and his team are simply the best. He and his assistant are such very very nice men - approachable, considerate and very expert at what they do. much nicer than the usual consultants we meet in the UK! the nurses are so attentive and the clinic is very clean and first class all round. My husband and I were met at the airport by Sammy and Sarra who were very kind throughout. The only thing I would say is that the hotel, although very very good with superb food, did not meet my needs when I first came from the clinic on day 3. I was feeling a bit 'off' after the anesthetic and a bit sore around the operation site. I would have really appreciated loads of soft pillows, a bowl of fruit (instead of a proper meal) and some way of making a nice comforting warm drink. However, I asked for pillows the next day and they were there in an instant. The post op nursing care is excellent - all drugs, including daily injections for anti-thrombosis and precautionary antibiotics were provided and a nurse visited every day. I saw Dr J three or four times after my operation as routine and even had a wonderful massage at the clinic to help reduce post-operative swelling. All in all I would highly recommend cosmetica and the team to anyone. excellent value for money and a superb job. Now that the swelling is gone down I am amazed and very impressed with the results. Thank you to the team! - 1 suggestion: take a mini kettle and adaptor to make yourself a brew when you want one. Also your own coffee/tea and some milk etc cos the hotel is rather 'out of the way'.
  • Bob
    A husbands opinion after accompanying my wife on her foreign cosmetic holiday. When my wife of 26 years announced that she was considering plastic surgery many thoughts shot through my mind. I always assured her that I was comfortable with how she looked. It was not all down to how she looked but it was 75% down to how she felt inside. Her confidence has soared since the operation. I accompanied her to Tunisia and was prepared to stop her going into the clinic if it I had any concerns about the set up. Well from the moment we were collected at the airport by Sammy and M,, everything was carried out in a professional and caring manner. When my wife was in the operating theatre the nurses brought me a meal and a drink. The doctor spoke to me and assured me all had gone well. My wife got a tummy tuck and liposuction and on the second day when I went into the clinic she was standing unsupported washing herself in the bathroom. The hotel is five star and included in the price for operation was a free massage something which I also got free. The hotel was spotless, the staff courteous, food plentiful, tasty and plenty to choose from. I spent a day on my own visiting the Roman ruins and my wife spent the day chatting with other ladies and gents who were also attending the clinic. None of them encountered any problems and all praised the doctors and nurses. After a week my wife and myself went to Carfour the local shopping centre and also ventured into the city of Tunis, On the down side. We had difficulty changing Scottish bank notes. Oh and be prepared to haggle with Taxi drivers. Your guide contact from the clinic will give you an idea what to pay for the various journeys. But insist before you get in the Taxi t hat they switch the meter ON. Finally be prepared for shopping trips when you arrive home . My wife has a new lease of life and has bought a new wardrobe of clothes since returning home.
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