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Dear friends,
We are pleased to open for you the pages of our guestbook. We invite you to let us share the impressions left by your stay among us in Tunisia. Thanks for agreeing to fill
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Houssem Ben Azouz
General Manager

  • Tammy
    Gastric Banding
    I travelled to Tunisia with my sister approximately four weeks ago and had a gastric band fitted. I have lost 1 stone (6.4kg) since the operation. I felt very well cared for both by the welcoming team and the hospital staff and in particular by my surgeon Dr. B.H. After the surgery I felt uncomfortable but I was not in pain. I could only eat liquid food for the first week but I was then able to move onto soft food. I am since able to eat any food I like as long as I chew it well. I have occasionally felt a bit nauseous after food but I have never been physically sick. I have been watching my diet and am trying not to eat any fatty/sugary foods. I am eating much smaller portions and feel fuller much more quickly. I do miss the fact that I cannot drink any carbonated drinks but that has not made me regret having the surgery! For me surgery was the last resort, I felt that I did all that I could on my own and that I was never going to lose the weight unless I did something drastic. I would recommend the surgery and Cosmetica Travel.
  • Coraline B
    Breast uplift & implants
    My operation was done on the 02/02/2008 & it went great. I felt secure & look after from the momnet i lended at the airport. Thank you once again to the all team & specially ' sawcen ',' samy ' the best chauffeur in Tunisia ,' NOUR'for the the visit & for looking after me during the stay. But this will not have been possible without & the friendly approach of NOZHA the first contact with cosmectica travel. I'm looking forward to more surgery in the summer Regards to you all & my lovely handsome Surgeon & his Assistant !!! Coraline B x
  • Elaine Fisher
    Tummy Tuck
    I travelled on my own for a tummy tuck and 4 weeks post op my shape is amazing. I keep having to look at it, my shape hasn't looked like this since I was in my twenties! Dr. D... is fantastic and so is his assistant, they are so caring in there approach. Dr. D,,, looks at the whole of you and he did liposuction right high up to just under my bust to totally streamline my waist. I can now get into dresses I could have only dreamed about, when I went out and bought a beautiful fitted cocktail dress for a cruise I go on in a couple of weeks, and it fitted me perfectly, it bought tears to my eyes! I have had no problems since coming home & no reason to see my doctor. The hotel is good, though due to some refurbishment of the hotel it could be a bit noisy at times. The pool is fantastic, the food plentiful and with a good choice. I would not hesitate to recommend cosmetica. I would be happy for anyone to contact me.
  • Lisa
    Northern ireland
    tummy tuck, lipo and breast lift with implants
    I travelled to tunisia with my cousin on 2nd feb and we had our surgery on 3rd feb 07. We were collected from the airport by Sammy (whom is a real gentleman and is always smiling, nothing seems to be too much trouble for him) and Sara. From the moment we arrived, we had such an amazing experience. The whole team were fantastic and i would highly recommend Cosmetica Travel to anyone considering having surgery. The clinic was spotless and the nurses were excellant, they were always checking you to make sure you were ok. Dr D and his assistant Dr N are wonderful, very professional and caring men who after meeting them totally made us feel more relaxed, infact they made us laugh. Dr D asks what your expectations are and explains everything to you, allowing you to ask as many questions as you like. The hotel was lovely 5*, room was very clean and the staff were very friendly and helpful. The food was excellant and there was a very good choice.(hospital food wasn't the best!). One good thing about going at this time of year is the hotel was empty which was fab because it was nice and quiet. Great for recovering. The only thing that i feel I must mention is make sure you travel with someone, just for the company, I don't know if I would have liked to do this on my own. Its has been 6 weeks now and I look and feel great, the results are fantastic and i am healing very well. I must say "hello" to all the other clients we met and hope you are all getting on ok and feeling as happy as me with your surgery!!! If I can be of any help to anyone please feel free to contact me
  • My first experience with CT was absolutely amazing. So I did wonder on the eve of my return (for a breast uplift on 7th February 2007) would my second visit live up to the first. Well, not only did it live up to it, but surpassed it. I was welcomed with open arms and I can honestly say acquaintances made on the first visit became friends on this visit. This time my husband was able to come and he was amazed at the genuine friendly and professional treatment we received. We did a few trips to local areas and received friendly treatment from everyone. Once again, the surgery went as planned using the latest techniques giving the best long-term results, and 21 days post op I can already see there will minimal scarring. (You can barley see it around the nipple area, and the line underneath is very fine). Dr D gave me post op advice on how much weight to loose to give me the best figure...and when i enrolled on my weight loss class tonight he was spot on! He really is a craftsman, very proud of his work and wants the best for all of his patients. The Asst Surgeon (Dr N) took loads of photos saying how great we all looked, again a craftsman concerned with the outcome. Houssem, the Clinic Director, and his staff attend a meal with all the clients at the hotel on a weekly basis. Anyone reading my previous guestbook comments will note I said that Dr Ds vibes ripple through the whole company, well after meeting and talking to him, (perhaps too much.sorry!) I know Houssem has something to do with it as well! Houssem has personal experience of how cosmetic surgery can change and reshape a person giving them back a sense of self worth and of the emotions they may feel, and I know the foundations of CT have been built on these, which I believe is why the clinic is unique. Houssem was genuinely interested in comments we had to make, and the girls (Clara and her Mumhee hee hi girls!) commented about not been given enough dressings at the clinic to sustain them until next visit. That evening Abdel returned with a pack of dressings, and at the next clinic visit, Clara and her Mum (hee hee!) could not fit them in they bag they were given so many! In the UK a policy change of this kind would have taken countless memos, meetings and a budget analysis! The other compliant (mainly from me) was despite asking/pleading/begging to buy another bra, I was not offered one, on the last but one visit Dr N told me to wash it out...but the only way to dry it was to drag a table under the heating vent, put a chair on top and stand there for ages to dry it!! So when I pointed out to him how would you like to wear the same underpants for 8 days?, he didnt quite understand until I pointed out and pulled his underweara few seconds later the penny dropped and he looked at my white dirty bralooked horrified and saidnext visit I buy you a bra. True to his word we three girls walked into the clinic 2 days later and he was waiting for us with an armful of brasand he did buy them for us! Where would that happen in the UK I ask you!! So hopefully thanks to this incident when you ask to purchase a bra he will get you one! (they are very good quality and I would recommend you buy another one from them and not from the UK). Why I mention all this is CT really listen to the needs of the customer and will alter anything ASAP to make our stay, experiences and memories as wonderful as possible. (How may women get the opportunity to tug an Assistant surgeons underpantsor have a bra bought by them?.sorry my sense of humour!!). I still cannot recommend them highly enough, they have changed not only my life though physical changes, which has lead to an increased sense of self-worth and confidence, but broadened my experiences by actually experiencing the hospitality of the Clinic and its staff, the Hotel and its staff, and the Tunisians we encountered on our trips out. If you wish, you can email me and I have prepared quite a detailed document that covers a lot abo
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