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Dear friends,
We are pleased to open for you the pages of our guestbook. We invite you to let us share the impressions left by your stay among us in Tunisia. Thanks for agreeing to fill
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Houssem Ben Azouz
General Manager

  • JAC
    London england
    eye lift, face lift ,tummy tuck
    i have had sevral surgerys with dr Yacoub over the past 5 years from 2011 to 2017 and will always go back ,hes an fantastic surgeron,i have no complaints with his work,i was met by sammi the driver made me really welcome and waited on you hand and foot,a credit to the company,will be going back in the summer 2018
  • VER.
    breast enlargement
    I had my operation end of September 2017 I couldnt be happier! everything was perfect! and my breast at today looks amazing and so natural; The surgeon, Dr Yacoub, is very good and please listn to hisadvice has they are spot on! Id like to give a particular thank you to Samy the driver who was amazing and so funny! thank you!!!!!!! I would recommend this clinic and surgeon to anyone ... and Im planning to go back very soon for another surgery;
  • CAR.
    Breast enlargement
    A massive thank you to everyone at cosmetica who made it so easy for me to come and have my surgery in Tunisia. They are very caring, organised and professional throughout! Did an amazing job on me and My breasts look great and I would definitely come back to you for more treatment if needed! Surgeon Yacoub has very good knowledge about all procedures and is very talented, and a special thank you to deana who was there every step of the way:) Sammy was brilliant our driver made us smile and feel very welcome in Tunisia! Really nice to have met you all! See you all next time!
  • KEL JA
    I had my surgery august 2014 and I want to write this so people know how great the long term effects of this operation and how skilled this surgeon is. Since having the op I have had a baby and am now pregnant again. The surgery I had is a credit to the surgeon Yacoub because during the last pregancy I had absolutely no problems with the scar stretching, my abdominal muscles gave as needed with the pregnancy and I never even got stretch marks even though the skin was tight and the baby boy 9lb 7oz. And afterwards the skin went back nice and normal, the belly button as intact as had been when the surgery was first done. when I have completed my family I will come back to cosmetica for a nip and tuck, the care is excellent and I highly recommend them. The main bit of advice I will give is to be patient with the effects as you need to let the scar heal and the swelling subside before you will see the full benefits of the surgery. The surgeon who did my caesarean complimented my tummy tuck surgery saying how neat it was!
  • MAX
    Breast Reduction & Lift
    Choosing Cosmetica Travel,was the best thing I ever did,the results are fantastic.I had my surgery 1/6/2016.The staff were so friendly,Hotel fab,food excellent with lots of variety.I travelled alone which I wouldn't recommend,as it can be lonely for the first couple of days,but met great people later on.My surgery was pain free and I can't thank my surgeon Yacoub enough, he is amazing. My driver Sammy "your the best". I would definatley go back for more surgery, hopefully very soon.Once again Cosmetica Travel Thank You.
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